The Evidence Is In

The reality is that severe concussions are occurring in every region and every concussion matters

The game of girls Lacrosse is growing rapidly as new programs are started every year and new players are having an opportunity to try and play lacrosse. As this has occurred, the level of play has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.
Changes include the speed of the game, the design of sticks, the physicality of the game, and shots are harder today than any time in the past. However, today the game and its growth are at risk due to the quiet but growing prevalence of brain injuries that players are incurring.
The goal of this website and the coaches, players, parents, medical and science, and industry professionals behind it, is three-fold:

  • To collect and share the pertinent scientific information about concussions in girls lacrosse.
  • To create a place for the many people who are looking for a central place to combine their experiences and resources to create the motivation to create a mandate for the wearing of headgear in girls lacrosse.
  • To call for US Lacrosse and its member organizations and affiliates to make a rule change mandating the wearing of headgear for girls playing lacrosse.