About Jessica Warta

“As new parents to the sport of girls lacrosse, my husband and I were shocked and perplexed at the total lack of protective headgear equipment required for our daughter who began playing in 4th grade at the NJ club lacrosse level. We immediately began researching and came across Hummingbird sports and Rob Stolker, the creator of the first SEI/ASTM certified lacrosse headgear, and haven’t looked back since as the decision for our daughter to continue playing lacrosse with a helmet is a “no brainer.” Our current 5th grade daughter proudly and safely wears her headgear and we stand as advocates to drive education about headgear and brain health, protection and preventative head injury safety in the lacrosse community with parents, their daughters and coaches. Most importantly we are in 💯 commitment supporting US lacrosse to mandate headgear for our girls the moment they step on the field the first time and every time thereafter!”